Standard Competency :

¨     To comprehend and express the meanings of spoken and written short functional text about announcement in the context of daily life to access knowledge.

Basic Competency :

¨     To respond and express the meanings within the formal / informal spoken and written short functional text in the form of  announcement, advertisement, invitation  accurately and fluently in the daily life context to access knowledge.

Indicators :

¨     After finishing  the lesson, the students are expected to be able to:

¨     identify the topic or the purpose of a spoken announcement

¨     give spoken announcement

¨     read aloud the written passage of an announcement in the meaningful way and with good pronunciation and intonation

¨     identify the topic of a written announcement

¨     use the appropriate grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, spelling and other writing rules accurately


1.public or formal notice announcing something: The announcement appeared in the newspapers.
2.the act of announcing.
3.a short message or commercial, esp. a commercial spoken on radio or television.
4.a card or piece of formal stationery containing a formal declaration of an event, as a wedding.

    1. The act of making known publicly.
    2. Something announced.
    3. A broadcast message, especially a program note or commercial.
  1. An engraved or printed formal statement or notice, as of a wedding or a relocation.

In writing an announcement, keep the following points

¨     the title/type of event,

¨     Date/time, place and

¨     contact person