Giving Instruction is an expression that is used in order that other person does what we instruct or request.

A Giving Instructions essay is an essay in which you explain how to do something.  One is often required to explain how to do something in writing.  Essays explaining how to conduct an experiment, how to set up a campsite, how to get a passport, how to train for a marathon, are all Giving Instructions essays.

Asking for Instructions

How do you (do this)?

How do I . . . ?

What is the best way to . . . ?

How do I go about it?

What do you suggest?

How do you suggest I proceed?

What is the first step?

Giving Instructions


First, (you) . . .

Then, (you) . . .

Next, (you) . . .

Lastly, (you) . . .

Starting out

Before you begin, (you should . . .)

The first thing you do is . . . .

I would start by . . .

The best place to begin is . . .

To begin with,


After that,

The next step is to . . .

The next thing you do is . . .

Once you’ve done that, then . . .

When you finish that, then . . .


The last step is . . .

The last thing you do is . . .

In the end,

When you’ve finished,

When you’ve completed all the steps,

ex: a coach give instruction at his boxer.

ex.2: can also give instruction to make something. like cooking .

Standard Competency :

*       To comprehend and express the meaning nuance within the transactional and interpersonal conversations which are related to the instruction expressions in the context of daily life.

Basic Competency :

*       To respond and express the meaning nuance within the formal / informal transactional (to get things done) and interpersonal (get sociable) by using the simple kind of spoken and written languages accurately and fluently in the daily life context involving the acts of expressing happiness, gaining attention, expressing sympathy and giving instructions

Indicators :

*       After having finished the lesson, the students are expected to be able to:

*        Identify the meaning nuance of giving instruction

*        Give instruction orally

*        Respond or carry out transactional and interpersonal conversations involving the acts of giving instruction

*        The example expressions of giving instruction :

¡     Open your book!

¡     Close the door, please!

¡     Be quiet, please!

¡     Move the chair!

¡     Open the window!

¡     Pass me the sugar, please!

¡     Stand up, please!

Note : The tense used in giving instruction is                     “simple present”